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Wellness Appliance Juicer
We promote and love juicing. We encourage you to make juicing a daily habit. Wellness Appliances was founded on the direct experience of the benefits of this healthy lifestyle choice. What is the best juicer at Wellness Appliances?…the one that best meets all your juicing needs. You know your needs best. Ask yourself a few questions. What do I need it for? How often will I use it? What will I be juicing? Where can I store it? Is it easy to use? Is it easy to clean? What is my budget? If you are really short of worktop space you might not want one of the larger horizontal format juicers as some of them will take too much of your kitchen space. If the juicer is within your budget, vertical slow juicers will take up the least worktop space and they are also our most versatile juicers that will least likely disappoint you. As you become more advanced in your juicing adventures, a slow juicer will do a good job of ALL ingredients.

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Juicing is one way to fastback your vitamin intake without stuffing yourself too much.